Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mini Conference

Here at SUNY Cortland we are so lucky to have our own PE Mini Conference where surrounding area schools come out for a teacher in service day conference to see what is new in our changing field. I gave some of my time to help out with the conference put on by our majors club, and my duty was to help direct people to designated classrooms and answer any general questions one may of had. To make myself standout I was wearing a big giant sign that read "QUESTIONS??" It was not the most fashionable attire, but got the job done.
After my shift I attended a few sessions, the Polar Technology, and Dr. Rinks Keys To Be an Effective PE Teacher. In the first Polar Tech. session the main point that was stressed was grading and assessing PE. It is more than just showing up an being active, but how you can get into heart rate measure as an aspect of ones grade. The units were pretty costly to use for a whole class setting , but if your district had the money or was given a grant they would be great to have. In Dr. Rinks session she went a little more in depth and elaborated on her key note address and followed up with the points of accountability. Identify what you want your students to get out of the lesson, be clear. Manage the class by being engaging and set expectations, this combination will lead to effective teaching. One last point I took from this was that it is our job to motivate students to learn and want to partake in physical activity. This can be related along the lines of classroom management and engaging students.

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  1. Great work this semester Ricky. Keep updating your blog and add photos - there's 1000s of them from 255 and the mini-conference. Thanks for helping out the conference - you made a difference!