Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lab A Take 2!

Here we are now just about a month into the semester and our class just did there Lab A re-take. My initial reaction to the experience was that I was a little bit more relaxed and sort of comfortable in the gym, but knew I still needed to improve on a lot of aspects. I had a chat with my T.A. Toby and he gave me some feedback and pointers and that gave me some more understanding. After a few days passed and the videos were up for referencing I had a second look at my lesson. It seemed as if I was in much of a hurry to just get it over with, that it really just came out not so hot. I really rushed the whole process as I was forgetting steps in the teaching model.

Looking at my time coding sheet it basically told me that the 3-man weave is not a very effective PE drill, too many students are on the side not being active. Another aspect that needs to be worked on is voice projection and overall sound/tone. I noticed this when going over my transcribe sheet, and feedback analysis form. Its sort of funny hearing yourself speak and you’re like "I said that". When it comes to feedback I had only generalized feedback, and not one instance of specific feedback. This has to change as I look to get myself moving around the gym more effectively.

Well this is just another helpful learning experience in my journey to becoming a better PE Teacher and I look to clean up my next lesson!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Thoughts

After watching that performance by Danyl on X-Factor I now have a new standard bar to base passion on. The way he preformed on stage he just glowed in confidence. I would have never thought that he worked in any other profession other than the music industry. I can only imagine what his class room setting is like, but I'm sure he works in a positive work environment. Now moving onto my mini-lesson it sure does not compare to Danyl's, yet that is! In the near future I would like to work on a few things and that is: posture, stance, and overall body language. Looking back a my clip I didn't show much excitement or enjoyment while teaching, and that needs to change. I will fix this issue through voice projection and just by staying positive with my students. Students like to be in a fun relaxed environment, but mainly FUN, and to do that I will shake things up from the norm to keep students on their toes with many interesting games.

Monday, September 7, 2009

EDU 255 First Class

Here is the teaching clip from the first day of classes!