Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Thoughts

After watching that performance by Danyl on X-Factor I now have a new standard bar to base passion on. The way he preformed on stage he just glowed in confidence. I would have never thought that he worked in any other profession other than the music industry. I can only imagine what his class room setting is like, but I'm sure he works in a positive work environment. Now moving onto my mini-lesson it sure does not compare to Danyl's, yet that is! In the near future I would like to work on a few things and that is: posture, stance, and overall body language. Looking back a my clip I didn't show much excitement or enjoyment while teaching, and that needs to change. I will fix this issue through voice projection and just by staying positive with my students. Students like to be in a fun relaxed environment, but mainly FUN, and to do that I will shake things up from the norm to keep students on their toes with many interesting games.

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