Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lab A Take 2!

Here we are now just about a month into the semester and our class just did there Lab A re-take. My initial reaction to the experience was that I was a little bit more relaxed and sort of comfortable in the gym, but knew I still needed to improve on a lot of aspects. I had a chat with my T.A. Toby and he gave me some feedback and pointers and that gave me some more understanding. After a few days passed and the videos were up for referencing I had a second look at my lesson. It seemed as if I was in much of a hurry to just get it over with, that it really just came out not so hot. I really rushed the whole process as I was forgetting steps in the teaching model.

Looking at my time coding sheet it basically told me that the 3-man weave is not a very effective PE drill, too many students are on the side not being active. Another aspect that needs to be worked on is voice projection and overall sound/tone. I noticed this when going over my transcribe sheet, and feedback analysis form. Its sort of funny hearing yourself speak and you’re like "I said that". When it comes to feedback I had only generalized feedback, and not one instance of specific feedback. This has to change as I look to get myself moving around the gym more effectively.

Well this is just another helpful learning experience in my journey to becoming a better PE Teacher and I look to clean up my next lesson!!

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  1. Rick,
    We talked after you taught your lesson, but you are right about the 3 man weave. It is a very effective drill to teach spacing and passing while on the move, but it would be best to have the students work in groups of 3, so the waiting time is eliminated. Another thing to remember, is when an activity involves a lot of action moving up and down the gym, it is best to have the students demonstrate while you explain and pinpoint the main ideas and cues of the task you want to be completed. If you perform the demonstration as you did in this video, it is harder for the students to hear exactly what you want.

    After looking at your forms, typically, you want to give feedback to over 50% of your class, and I feel you did a good job with this over the short period of time you were teaching this lesson. The one thing to watch for in the future is the "ahh's" and "um's," but you will get better with that as you continue to teach.

    It is obvious you are becoming more comfortable and enthusiastic when you teach, both very important things in delivering a quality lesson. You are just beginning your teaching career, and I feel that you are doing a good job so far. As long as you can learn from mistakes and continue to improve from lesson to lesson, I have no doubts you will one day be a successful teacher. Keep up the good work!